Family Dick: Big Boy Underwear – 17min



Big Boy Underwear: Alex Killian & Austin Xanders! (Daddy’s Little Guy Ch 1). The guy who sent this to me has been telling me about the things he has to do differently now that his step-son is growing up. For instance, he loves seeing the boy’s body develop and change. But this means his step-son needs to start dressing more for his age.

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Family Dick: Don’t Wake Up Mom


Mr. Byers catches his step-son passed out doing his homework in just his underwear, a sight that is impossible for him to resist acting on. With his wife asleep in bed, he pulls out his thick daddy dick and strokes it while watching his sleeping step-son’s smooth body.

When the boy wakes up, the two cannot deny their horny pervert urges and go at each other hard, sucking and fucking each other passionately, trying to milk each other for a good late night load. Only one caveat, of course: don’t wake up mom! These two can’t keep their hands off each other and make for one hot father/son fauxcest couple!


Family Dick: Habitual Masturbator


Habitual Masturbator Caught: John knows that his step-sons are getting older and having urges they can’t control. In fact, he loves knowing that they’re stroking their big dicks! And while he knows that it’s perfectly normal, he wants to make sure they understand how much better it can be with another person.

The handsome older step-daddy catches his boy jerking off again and again and steps in to show him how it feels when it’s someone else’s hand!


Nicolas’ Finally Gets Fucked


Finally Fucked! Nicolas is a young, 20 year old twink whose lack of sexual experience has left him with a stiff dick and ravenous appetite…(He’s so fuckin’ HORNY)!! Sexy older man Edouard is just the right guy to help the boy discover many kinds of intense sexual pleasure….

The sexy twink is quickly put at ease by Edouard, who first gives him a good lesson in cocksucking then plays with his little asshole, loosening it up so he can fuck the boy deeply. Nicolas moans with pleasure under the powerful thrusts of the hot older hunk. When the young twink gets blasted with a huge load of cum, he can hold back no longer and blasts out his own sticky load.


Family Dick: Trick (Dick?) or Treat



Trick (Dick?) or Treat: Alex Killian, Austin Xanders & Legrand Wolf! (Daddy’s Little Guy Ch 3). This dirty step-dad can’t deny how cute is step-son is whenever he dresses up and loves bringing him around town to show him off on Halloween. When it comes time for the night to end, his step-dad brings him to one final house to close out the night. Surprise, surprise! It’s the house of their family doc!

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Family Dick: Camping Scary Stories



Camping Scary Stories: Alex Killian & Austin Xanders! (Daddy’s Little Guy Ch 4). There’s nothing quite like being in the great outdoors! The fresh air and trees just make you feel completely alive. Fathers have been taking their sons camping for generations, but very few have the bonding session that these two had! This step father and step-son do everything they can think to do while camping.

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Butt-Fucked By His Football Coach


Butt-Fucked By His Coach: After his team loses a match, young Xavier gets yelled at in the locker room by his coach, Steph Killer. The boy knows all will be forgiven if he’s just willing to let coach have some of that ass he’s been eyeballing for so long.

Xavier reluctantly gives in and, after sucking Coach’s cock for a bit, the boy braces himself for a stiff dick in his ass. Coach Steph fucks the hell out of the young boy’s butt with his hard older cock. Of course, it doesn’t take long until Xavier’s tight little ass has the older man’s cock ready to burst. His coach cums really hard, as he blasts a huge load of cum all over the beautiful boys face.


Family Dick: Think the Doctor Knows?



Think the Doctor Knows? Alex Killian, Austin Xanders & Legrand Wolf! (Daddy’s Little Guy Ch 3). The doctor’s office is a very intimate space. You’re exposed, vulnerable, and inevitably stripped down. And then, if you’re lucky, you’re fondled all over by an older man. And older man who has total authority over you by both their experience and their skill. It’s absolute heaven.

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Family Dick: Very Understanding Uncle


Very Understanding Uncle: Colin has been having fun hanging out with his uncle, meeting some of his friends and learning more about what he likes. The boy has a sexy idea that he wants to try involving some ropes and blindfolds and asks his pervy uncle if he can help.

He couldn’t be more proud! Dr. Wolf reaches out to his network of dirty daddies to show his nephew a good time and test the endurance of his tight, teen hole.