8teenBoy: Jared Scott & Dustin Cook



In the bedroom playing video games, Jared Scott & Dustin Cook find some much better joysticks to fool around with; and, once adorable Dustin is on his knees he finds out WAY bigger too! Jared’s cock is big, but with super cute, tiny twink Cook next to it, the thing looks like a monster and our boy cant get enough. Dustin sucks schlong like a beast before climbing back on the bed and fucking Jared’s face.

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Staxus: Blow me up! Sc.1


Blow me up! Sc.1: Timmy and Felix love to play around, so unsurprisingly they soon end up kissing each other on a mattress conveniently placed in the garden! Timmy quickly has his hands on the prize as he sucks and anticipates Felix’s every desire. In no time, Felix, who’s rock hard is pounding the boys hole in positions we’d only dreamed of!


Staxus: More than buddies Sc.1


More than buddies Sc.1: It doesn’t come as a surprise that Joel wants to get his hands on Conor after showing him around, and one hell of a show they put on! In no time Joel is down on his knees discovering the family jewels he’s got! But soon Conor gets to taste Joel’s meaty shaft and in no time is rimming Joel’s hole in anticipation of the spectacular flip-flop action that is yet to come!


Staxus: Wild Twinks Sc.4


Wild Twinks Sc.4: Now that Timmy and Josh are alone at the bareback-que it’s not long before these two are unable to resist the temptation of getting into each other’s pants! Timmy has had his eye on Josh from the moment he rode in, and in his tight clothing leaving little to the imagination we’re not surprised!

Quite soon Josh is laying bare while Timmy is ferociously sucking him off in desperate anticipation of the riding he’ll be doing on Josh’s cock!