Helix Academy 2: After School Special


After School Special: Class is out for the day but schoolboys Daniel Bishop, Evan Parker and Dylan Hall stay late to do some studying. After everyone leaves the three twinks can’t resist the temptation of having an incredibly hot and steamy gay boy threesome.

Dylan takes turns sucking on Evan and Daniel’s raging hard boners but is soon lying on his back taking their huge cocks from both ends. These smooth and sexy boys have tons of fun before finishing things off by cumming all over Dylan’s tender lips.


8teenBoy: Jamie Ray & Caleb Gray


Sexy schoolboys Jamie Ray & Caleb Gray meet up at the park after school and can’t keep their hands off each other so they decide to take to to the bedroom before getting caught with their pants down! Adorable blond boy Ray takes control from this point on, even when sucking Caleb’s cock where he goes balls deep! Gray knows he’s gonna get plowed and wants the dick nice, hard and wet when he does so he works Jamie’s jock like a Hoover.

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Helix Academy 2-Ep 5 Fire Alarm


Helix Ep 5 Fire Alarm: It’s been a long, sweaty cock of a summer but the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here…Helix Academy is now back in session!!! The school year begins with Father Glenn up to his old tricks, welcoming the new fresh faced students to the Academy.

This installment features High School heartthrob Andy Taylor masturbating in the middle of class while blond cutie Scotty Clarke tries to fit in with his new friends by begging hot jock Evan Parker to fuck him. Follow the sweet sound of school bells to find out what kind of trouble these preppy, perky boys will get into next!


8teenBoy: Flip-Flop Fucking Schoolboys



Flip-Flop Fucking Schoolboys: Sexy experienced brunette schoolboy Alan Davis has heard through the grapevine that his innocent blond classmate Jamie Ray is a virgin! Naturally our raven haired bad boy wants to get first crack at busting that tight ass open. Jamie is excited and anxious to get acquainted with some hard dick for the first time, and Alan is more than willing to do the honors.

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8teenBoy: Big Dick Schoolboys Fuck



Big Dick Schoolboys Fuck: Gabe Isaac & Devin Lewis! When mom’s not home the boys will play, and these two have got a LOT to play with! Young schoolboys Gabe & Devin are hung like donkeys and like a little horse play after school. Some sexy youthful over the clothes, dick grabbing foreplay on the teen’s Spider Man bedspread goes down before Gabe releases the monster hiding under his pants.

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8teenBoy: Grayson Lange & Devin Lewis



Grayson Lange & Devin Lewis: This sex soaked gay teen scene starts off with a bang! Slithering around on a sexy black leather couch, Grayson Lange and Devin Lewis lick, kiss, and dry hump like the horny schoolboys they are. Pretty soon that dry hump heats up and needs to be hosed down with wet, warm dick lickin’ lust. The fired up fellas take turns downing dick between deep kisses and hot handjobs.

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8teenBoy: Gettin’ Some Summer Lovin’



Gettin’ Some Summer Lovin’: Schoolboys Jamie Ray & Jared Scott bump into each other during summer break while hormones are in full bloom. With none of their classmates around, the pair decide to make the most of the chance encounter. The young, well hung duo dine on dick and suck face before Scott slides Jamie’s legs over his head and buries his face in Ray’s innocent ass.

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