Deep & Sensual Bareback Fuck


Deep & Sensual Bareback Fuck: Blake Anderson & Connor Jacobs make an ideal couple, the two are perfectly suited as they make out in the bedroom and reveal those hard dicks for each other to sensuously suck on.

It soon becomes clear who’s taking control as Blake eases the head of his naked dick into his lovers hole, with some great angles showing us every little move as he sinks in deeper.

With a blindfold adding to the sensuality of the session Connor hops on to take a ride before laying back and getting his cum fucked out of him, all finished off with Blake giving him a delicious treat of a cum shot to the mouth!


More Than Friends: Bareback Sleepover!


Bareback Sleepover: Justin Cross & Kayden Alexander! Teen blond boy Kayden has his sexy friend Justin over for the night and these boys really know how to entertain themselves! Forget computer games and midnight snacks, these boys are all about sharing those hard young cocks in some juicy sucking & fucking!

They both get plenty of oral from each other after slipping out of their PJ’s, but the fucking Kayden takes from his big-dicked bareback friend is what really has him squirting his load out over himself. All that’s left is a messy cum shot to the pucker, and some jizz fucked right back into his hole!


Joshua Fucks Tiny Noah Bareback



Joshua Fucks Noah Bareback: Noah Matous & Joshua Levy! When it comes to taking a big twink boner in his perfect little hole Noah is one of the most experienced. He might look adorable and cute, but that incredible butt hole can take a real pounding from a thick young tool. He’s got the perfect friend in hung pal Joshua, with more inches than most.

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BareTwinks: Big Bareback Cum Loads


Big Bareback Cum Loads: Jason Valencia & Tyler Thayer are both hung & horny, and both are desperate to unload big loads of cum! They look so good together you might have trouble lasting to the end of this cum squirting bareback fuck when you see them feasting on each other, but stick around if you can.

Jason delivers the goods, fucking his friend and filling him up with that enormous curved cock, making Tyler spew his semen out all over himself before splashing his own cum right into the boys waiting mouth and over his cute face! Lucky Tyler gets so messy!


8teenBoy: Bareback Butt Rub



Bareback Butt Rub: Grayson Lange & Alan Davis! Alan has had a rough day and needs a massage from beau Grayson! Lange is only too happy to do it but it isn’t long before the message falls by the wayside and Lange is layin’ hands on Davis’s dick muscle! Lange chokes down Davis’ dick with youthful enthusiasm before Alan returns the favor and ups the ante with an ass-eating.

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Jessie Loves Big Bareback Cock


Jessie Loves Big Cock: Jasper Robinson & Jessie Douglas! Jessie is a gorgeous fit boy desperate for some big cock deep in his hole. He doesn’t have to wait long, with some delicious mutual sucking having both him and Jasper rock solid and desperate for that ass action! He takes that naked dick in some amazing positions, with his dick exploding a massive load of hot cum all over himself and Jasper feeding him his reward!


Horny Hairdresser Molests Client


Hairdresser Molests Client: In this scene, Camille Kenzo (the hairdresser) would much rather play with his sexy client, Paul, than with his combs and scissors. The stiffening dick in the front of his trousers makes it impossible for Camille to get through with his cut without jumping on his client!

In a flurry the hairdresser chair goes down and Camille puts his thick hard cock in Paul’s mouth to get sucked. A short 69 style blowjob later and then Camille deploys all his energy to fuck Paul’s tight ass deeply. The twink even stifles the cries of his partner by putting a hand over his mouth as his fucking intensifies.

The boys really take pleasure in the scene and it shows as they end with an almost simultaneous ejaculation, including an explosive facial cumshot on Paul’s face.


BareTwinks: JR Fucked Deep & Raw


JR Fucked Deep: Jason Valencia & JR Adams make a gorgeous couple, they love to fuck each other bareback and shoot some hot loads together. The boys suck and lick on each others big dicks, but JR needs that cock in his hole real bad.

Jason slaps some cuffs on him and slides in nice and easy, getting his cock head deep and prodding at his lovers prostate. Doggy style and then missionary, JR love his hole filled up and pumps his cum out over himself with his lover inside him. Jason spews a big load in his face before feeding him some of his cum right from his helmet!


Wake Up (for some) Sleepy Head!


Wake Up Sleepy Head: 18 year old Vincent is taking a nap, but his friend Samuel is horny and decides to wake him by sucking on his cock. Still half-asleep, Vincent finds himself with Samuel’s stiff dick in front of his mouth, so naturally he starts sucking on it.

The boys quickly wriggle around into the 69 position and the sucking becomes intense! Fully awake now, and excited by the smooth, skinny body of Samuel, Vincent decides its time to bury his long, thick dick deep inside the pretty boy’s ass. Vincent has a big dick and at the beginning it is not easy for Samuel to take it fully in his tight butt.

This is natural sex fueled session, full of emotion between two cute guys who really enjoy having sex together, and fucking for the first time in front of our cameras.