When His Boyfriend Is Away…



When His Boyfriend Is Away: Julien is a cute 18 year old twink and he’s always horny! When his boyfriend is not available to fuck him, he naturally tries to satisfy himself with an extra-large dildo and even alone he’s an amazing performer.

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French Twinks: Don’t Break My Eggs


Don’t Break My Eggs! Steph Killer plays a gruff farmer who gives a very ‘hard’ life lesson to his two 18 year old farm hands, Julien & Arthur, after they have the misfortune of breaking his fresh eggs.

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FrenchTwinks: Welding Workshop Threeway


Welding Workshop Threeway: During their internship learning about mechanics, Leo and Xavier do a few welding exercises, but the twinks soon got frustrated by their poor performance and decide to have a little fuck break. Xavier will expertly deal with the tight ass of the young redhead and he will fuck him with overwhelming passion.

Camille, who is never far from the action also wants to join in. Xavier fucks Leo’s tight ass and they all kiss, suck and fuck Camille’s slender young body is covered in cum.


Innocent Pillow Fight Leads To Fucking


Pillow Fight Leads To Fucking: This evening Elias and Camille are spending the night together. Before going to bed, the two twinks play-bicker and have a furious pillow fight. Camille then throws Elias onto the bed and starts to suck him off.

After an incredible blowjob, Camille knows he’s just got to fuck Elias’ tight ass. He fingers and licks the boy’s ass to lubricate him up before burying his stiff cock deep inside. The two young twinks are super hot for each and Camille always loves a chance to be the top.


Outdoor Blowjob & Ass-Fingering


Outdoor Blowjob & Ass-Fingering for Camille: While out sunbathing, Patrice, the dark skinned hunk with a huge cock, is surprised to find himself getting sucked-off by his beautiful young friend, Camille. His 23 cm (9 inches) of hard dick may not look easy for Camille to get completely in his mouth, but Camille tries hard, and he has had plenty of practice.

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