Creamy Facial After Outdoor Fuck



Facial After Outdoor Fuck: Blond boy Kris and his friend Xavier are hanging out by the pool when things start to get understandably horny. With a little kissing and groping those long uncut dicks are revealed, sliding between lips as the boys swap their impressive cocks. They taste so good the boys could spend the rest of the afternoon just sucking cum out of each other, but they crave more than that.

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Four 18 Year Old Cocks for Yoan


Four 18 Year Old Cocks: Baptiste, Anthony, Jérémy, Vincent and Yoan, five adorable but very horny 18 year old twinks, are having breakfast outdoors at their campsite. The other boys snicker about the greedy way Yoan eats his banana. Anthony then makes sexual allusions towards Yoan, and he leaves offended. Anthony catches up with him and puts him on his knees, inviting him to suck hi cock. Yoan accepts and the three other boys begin jerking-off as they watch.

Baptiste, Vincent and Jeremy quickly join Anthony & Yoan. Yoan delights as the center of this outdoor bukakke session and sucks each of the four beautiful cocks with passion. The hungry blond sucks each cock in deep throat fashion, impatient to get the loads of all four splashed on his face. The horny boys all cum almost simultaneously, giving Yoan a well-earned facial.


French Twinks: Don’t Break My Eggs


Don’t Break My Eggs! Steph Killer plays a gruff farmer who gives a very ‘hard’ life lesson to his two 18 year old farm hands, Julien & Arthur, after they have the misfortune of breaking his fresh eggs.

With his huge dick of 22 cm (8.7 inches) Steph goes from one boy-hole to another and the naughty twinks squeak like virgins under his onslaught. Steph’s fuck-session ends with a double facial cum shot for the two young boys.