Butt-Plug For The Birthday Boy


Butt-Plug Play For The Birthday Boy! Alexis shows Baptiste the gifts he got for his birthday and drew his attention to a grenade shaped butt-plug which he doesn’t know what to do with. Alexis thinks this wide plug is only good for decoration, for his part, Baptiste seems very interested in this sex toy and then Alexis challenges him to try it.

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Adam Hunt Handjob & Ass Play


Adam Hunt Handjob & Ass Play: Fresh off the plane from Ohio, beautiful blond boy Adam Hunt is shacked up with Max Carter and his camera which can only mean things are about to get good and juicy! After digging through Adam’s metaphorical drawers and finding out blondie likes outdoor sports, Max decides to get inside his ACTUAL drawers! We immediately see they definitely DO grow ’em hung in Ohio!

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19 Year Old JR Adams Jerking-Off


JR Adams Jerking-Off! After finding out a lot about this sexy 19 year old twink, we get to enjoy seeing JR playing with his shaved cock and that perfectly sweet little ass. He’s a real find, a dedicated bottom who loves being fucked by both twinks and muscled hunks too.

His hairless hole gets a great work out for his first visit, but we can’t wait to see a cock sliding in there instead of a toy!


Sexy Boys & Their Sexy Toys


Boys & Their Toys: Aaron Stang & Jordan Thomas! Boys love their toys, and we all know the saying. However, we don’t think this is what that saying means! Hung twink Aaron is sharing his big dick with sexy Jordan in a mutual sucking when the toys come out and Aaron gets a glass dildo in his ass.

Jordan has a hot fleshlight to sink his cock into, with both unloading copious cum wads over their respective gadgets by the end!


8teenBoy: Jamie Ray Fingered & Jerked


Jamie Ray Fingered & Jerked: All American blond, sweet as apple pie Indiana schoolboy Jamie Ray is young and shy but anxious get an education here at Helix. Jailbait Jamie (still in braces and ever so adorable) takes direction from Max Carter well as he’s ordered to loose his pants so we can see what the kid is workin’ with. Max pulls down Ray’s colorful boyish briefs and lets out a well earned “damn,” as his big boner bounces out.

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Innocent Pillow Fight Leads To Fucking


Pillow Fight Leads To Fucking: This evening Elias and Camille are spending the night together. Before going to bed, the two twinks play-bicker and have a furious pillow fight. Camille then throws Elias onto the bed and starts to suck him off.

After an incredible blowjob, Camille knows he’s just got to fuck Elias’ tight ass. He fingers and licks the boy’s ass to lubricate him up before burying his stiff cock deep inside. The two young twinks are super hot for each and Camille always loves a chance to be the top.


Outdoor Blowjob & Ass-Fingering


Outdoor Blowjob & Ass-Fingering for Camille: While out sunbathing, Patrice, the dark skinned hunk with a huge cock, is surprised to find himself getting sucked-off by his beautiful young friend, Camille. His 23 cm (9 inches) of hard dick may not look easy for Camille to get completely in his mouth, but Camille tries hard, and he has had plenty of practice.

After repaying the awesome cocksucking in kind, Patrice plays with Camille’s tight little ass and finger-fucks him until he’s ready to pop. An awesome cum shot follows from the sexy little twink who moans with pleasure under the expert hands of Patrice.