18 Year Old Cute French Boys Fuck


18 Year Old Cute French Boys Fuck! Jules and Nicolas are two cute twinks, both 18 years old, who have come to spend a weekend with friends in Paris. Tired from the previous evening the two boys are asleep in their hotel room but Nicolas wakes them up with his stick and a little frustrated at having brought a guy that night he decided to turn to his buddy Jules and quickly gets hard.

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Sexy 18 Year Old French Boys Fuck


Sexy 18 Year Old French Boys Fuck! Baptiste Garcia and Vincent Tyle meet with their friends at Xavier Sibley’s house. After moving to the bedroom, Baptiste is stunned by the number of condoms that he discovers in Vincent’s travel bag and asks what he plans to do with them. A Naive question the twink will quickly find the answer to, since Vincent will jump on him and kiss him on the mouth.

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Twink Tickling Leads To Hot Fuck


Tickling Leads To Hot Fuck! Baptiste Garcia decides to wake up Angel Diaz who is napping by tickling him. The little game amuses our two twinks who then begin to heckle and tickling in bed, a struggle full of laughter during which they gradually lose their clothes. If Angel pretends to give up, it’s only to better jump on Baptiste to kiss him passionately.

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Four 18 Year Old Cocks for Yoan


Four 18 Year Old Cocks: Baptiste, Anthony, Jérémy, Vincent and Yoan, five adorable but very horny 18 year old twinks, are having breakfast outdoors at their campsite. The other boys snicker about the greedy way Yoan eats his banana. Anthony then makes sexual allusions towards Yoan, and he leaves offended. Anthony catches up with him and puts him on his knees, inviting him to suck hi cock. Yoan accepts and the three other boys begin jerking-off as they watch.

Baptiste, Vincent and Jeremy quickly join Anthony & Yoan. Yoan delights as the center of this outdoor bukakke session and sucks each of the four beautiful cocks with passion. The hungry blond sucks each cock in deep throat fashion, impatient to get the loads of all four splashed on his face. The horny boys all cum almost simultaneously, giving Yoan a well-earned facial.


Sexy Teen Skyler Fucked in Paris


Sexy Teen Skyler Fucked in Paris! Skyler, a young Canadian just 19 years old spent a few days on holiday in Paris. While he explores the french capital for the first time, he gets lost in the streets of the 4th district in search of Effeil Tower and asks for directions from a handsome stranger… who is none other than Theo Ford who is walking with Anthony Sollis. Theo has a few ideas in his head on what to do with the Twink and offers to accompany him to the Effeil Tower…

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Camille Kenzo’s Private Solo



Camille Kenzo’s Private Solo! During our US Tour, Camille Kenzo fucked with big porn stars from others studios, but he is also great fun in-between filming and met his many sexual urges with some solo wanking. Phoenix to Miami, we interfered in his intimate moments to film him jerking off in the back of the car, at the pool and in the hotel bathroom.

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When His Boyfriend Is Away…



When His Boyfriend Is Away: Julien is a cute 18 year old twink and he’s always horny! When his boyfriend is not available to fuck him, he naturally tries to satisfy himself with an extra-large dildo and even alone he’s an amazing performer.

As the real “power bottom” he is, Julian moves his ass in rhythm with the dildo thrusts, as his whole body shakes vigorously from the sensations of as the sex toy deeply ravages his tight ass.