Staxus: Tim Law Likes His Dick Dark!


Tim Law Likes His Dick Dark! Carlos Santiago & Tim Law. Tim Law appears to love nothing better than to spend time alone, swimming in the pool. The reality is somewhat different, of course, and when he sees young Carlos Santiago looking down at him from the balcony, his idea about spending time alone changes quite rapidly.

Law quickly abandons his aquatic antics and is upstairs in a flash, to investigate the tempting bulge in his dark new buddy’s pants. And (make no mistake) what a bulge it is! Needless to say, the dirty-minded white boy wastes no time in getting down on that oversized ramrod! He slurps on every fabulous inch with the cocksucking gusto for which Law has long since been known.

But what this filthy-minded Czech boy wants most of all is to have that thick, meaty, uncut black dick deep inside his far from virgin ass-hole! He’s very quickly riding Santiago’s big knob in reverse-cowboy style; before the horny black lad ploughs into his pucker with unrestrained force, banging a load out of Law’s balls in the process.