Family Dick: Wake Up Sleepyhead


Wake Up Sleepyhead: Alex Killian & Austin Xanders! (Daddy’s Little Guy Ch 7). Perhaps the only thing better than sleeping in is being woken up by a sexy step-daddy. This young man has it so lucky! Over the holidays, these two are staying at grandma and step-father’s place, and the kid gets to sleep in his step-dad’s childhood room! The boy’s sexy stepdad wakes him up with a tender kiss.

Just seeing his boy laying in bed makes Mr. Armstrong super horny. He can’t help himself and he pulls down the boy’s pants, exposing the his sexy boy body and tenderly sucks his perfect little cock. Something about seeing his boy in the bed (where he had years earlier jerked off for the very first time) sent him over the edge.

If you guys are like me, you can’t get enough of this sexy step-daddy & boy couple and they keep sending me videos of their sexy sessions. And this early morning pounding is just fantastic. The sexy step daddy makes a hearty meal of his boy’s ass before plunging his large adult cock deep inside him.

There’s no hitting snooze on this amazing fuck! If only my step-dad had woken me up like this! I might not have made it out of the house any earlier, but I would have gone out the door happy every day!