Family Dick: Stepbrother’s Big Nutt


Stepbrother’s Big Nutt: Austin Xanders & Damien Nichols! Little Austin doesn’t see his step-brother all that much. He lives with his step-dad’s ex-wife, but on occasion he comes to stay when she’s out of town. It’s been a while since they’ve last seen each other and the big guy has fully grown!

He’s a real man now with a broad chest and square jaw… and he smells just like his step-dad! When Austin catches a glimpse of him getting out of the shower, the horny little boy can hardly wait to pull out his cock and stroke it, thinking of his his big step-brother’s meaty cock.

The older step-brother hears what’s going on, knowing well that his little step-brother has always had a crush on him. The freshly showered step-brother walks in on Austin, offering to give him a hand for some service in return.

Before you know it, these two boys are tugging at each other’s cocks and sucking each other off… all before little Austin opens his hole for his big step-brother’s load. I bet their step-dad will be happy to see them getting along so well!