Butt-Plug For The Birthday Boy

Butt-Plug Play For The Birthday Boy! Alexis shows Baptiste the gifts he got for his birthday and drew his attention to a grenade shaped butt-plug which he doesn’t know what to do with. Alexis thinks this wide plug is only good for decoration, for his part, Baptiste seems very interested in this sex toy and then Alexis challenges him to try it.

The two boys start undressing and kissing languorously. While Baptiste begins to jack off, Alexis titillates his anus before licking it. Once Baptiste is excited and well lubricated with saliva, Alexis returns him and introduces the plug in his ass. Alexis is then sucked deeply by Baptiste still playing with the plug.

Alexis cannot resist and puts Baptiste on all fours to fuck him vigorously. Both twinks are ultra hot and whoop in an intense fucking session. Exhausted, sweaty and panting, Baptiste finishes by exploding while still being fucked, just before geting a thick facial cum-shot!