Blond Boy Gets His Tight Holes Filled!

Blond Boy Gets His Tight Holes Filled! Alex Silvers, Luke Desmond & Timmy Treasure. Cute boy Alex Silvers is cute, slim & well-hung. He’s exactly the kind of boy you just pray will enter the locker room when you’re at the gym or down by the pool.

Well, Luke Desmond and Timmy Treasure are definitely in luck, as Silvers struts in and makes a bee-line for Desmond, who is hung like a horse!

Silvers has heard the rumors about Luke’s big dick, and he is quick to get down on his knees and start slurping on that thick, uncut ramrod. Not wishing to miss out on the fun, Treasure’s soon in on the action as well, marking the start of a fabulous, no-holds-barred gay boy threesome.

This horny trio soon engage in a stupendous spit-roast fuck as the two tops take every opportunity to fuck their buddy over a locker-room bench. As a result, Silvers’ ass is violated in every wonderful way.

After several minutes of thrusting and pumping, his ass-crazed lovers are reaching their own sticky crescendo of grunts, groans and big loads of cum. Seems like young Silvers isn’t quite as innocent as he looks, especially when he takes a huge wad of cum in his mouth!