Ass Rimmed & Fucked in Public Park!


Ass Rimmed & Fucked in Public Park! Brad Fitt & Rick Nielson. Brad Fitt has always had a bit of reputation when it comes to handsome, buff guys, so it’s no surprise when he goes weak at the knees when confronted by muscular stud Rick Nielson in the stable. After a quick kiss amongst the horses, matters take on a much more carnal nature once the two step outside.

Falling down to his knees on the grass, Fitt has his hungry lips wrapped tightly around his buddy’s knob-head before Nielson even knows what’s happening. Nielson soon joins in on the sucking in breathtaking 69 session of right out in the sunshine! After one final slurp on the muscular adonis’s dick, Fitt gets down on all fours to offer up his fuck-hole.

It’s a truly explicit invitation and one that his pal takes total advantage of, slamming his swollen ramrod straight into Fitt’s eager tight ass and giving him an ass-stretching that the lad has been dreaming of! It’s certainly no surprise when he spews a delicious wad of jizz while riding Nielson’s cock cowboy-style!