8teenBoy: Drawn Together By Lust


Drawn Together By Lust: Alan Davis & Jared Scott! Jared has several talents, one of them being art. Using chalk on the basketball court at the park, he’s creating a cock catcher of a creative piece that draws Alan towards him. Alan gives praise to Jared’s talents and invites him back to his place to find out if the hottie has talents in other areas.

Davis quickly finds out that Scott is a skilled schlong sucker as well. Davis is impressed, AND raging hard! He pulls the creative cocksmith by the back of the head to get deep down on that “D.” Being a boy that appreciates the arts, Alan is always willing to give back to talent so he downs Jared’s jock with gulping gusto! Jared has QUITE the PIECE, big and bold and definitely delicious.

Confident he’s found a boy who appreciates his art, Scott dives into Alan’s ass in a scalding hot 69 ass-eating, cocksucking extravaganza. The artist always primes whatever he’s working on and Alan’s smooth ass is no exception. Wet and ready, Davis obeys orders and climbs on Jared’s giant jock for a bareback joy ride. Scott’s schlong slides right in and Davis’s dick swings with swagger as his ass enjoys the pure pleasure of a raw cock.

The boys rearrange this art installation and Davis dicks the artist’s amazing ass as Jared handles his huge hog. The cock cam goes in from underneath, capturing all the bone banging action that’s entering our artist. Scott strokes his cock and knocks out a pure white work of art all over his smooth six pack. Alan is about to bust, he pulls out and paints the kid with his cum, blasting the boy wonder past his chest. This hot teen fuck is an absolute work of art.